Proposed by Members of Knesset:
Ronit Tirosh, Eitan Cabel, Nitzan Horowitz, Yoel Hasson, Dov Khenin, Miri Regev
In conjunction with: Members of Knesset
Nino Abesadze, Masud Ganaim
A new bill to place a ban on fur sales, lead by 8 MKs from across the political spectrum, was submitted to the Knesset.
Should this legislation be adopted, Israel will become the first nation worldwide to officially ban the cruelty of the fur industry.
Israel may well become the first country to ban fur sales nationwide. Localized bans already exist on the fur trade in cities and councils around the world, such as Dublin and Fingal in Ireland and West Hollywood in the USA.
Throughout the world, more and more anti fur laws are being considered and passed; at the same time new regulations are being introduced to restrict and limit the fur trade. The hope is that Israel shall be the first to join as an entire nation, the growing number of compassionate fur free cities.
Each year millions of animals all over the world are killed suffering unbelievable cruelty, for their fur. These animals spend their short lives anguishing in tiny mesh cages to later face electrocution, to be beaten to death or even skinned alive.

Jane Halevy, chairperson of the International Anti-Fur Coalition, says: "Fighting for people's consciousness is a daily undertaking, and this legislation may yet save millions of animals. It's time to do this at last and finally end the fur trade in Israel. Such legislation should gain immense respect for Israel and its citizens. Another important point to note is that unlike the first bill, proposed by MK Ronit Tirosh, the new bill doesn't suggest a ban on fur imports, hence the bill is an entirely internal matter and any intervention by foreign furriers will be neither ethical nor justified”.
Many Rabbis support this move, for example Rabbi David Rosen, former Chief Rabbi of Ireland, a Jerusalem resident, who firmly supported the late Rabbi Haim David Halevy's statement that: "One should not wear fur produced through animal suffering, as is said: "And His tender mercies are over all His works." (Psalms 145 9)
International Anti Fur Coalition website:
The "the International Anti-Fur Coalition" is a coalition of over 70 global organizations which act together to end the atrocities of the fur industry.